Real Estate Crowd (REcrowd) is a new source of information for the real estate investor across Europe. Still an evolving industry, the crowdfunding movement in this industry is probably the defining development of the last 10 years. It offers the option for any investor to be part of some of the most profitable investments available to everyday people. REcrowd wants to contribute to this positive evolution and forge ahead with additional opportunities afforded by new developments such as crypto currencies transactions, the latest in proptech and modular construction that will continue to further democratize the industry and offer the investor more convenience and higher gains.

We are working towards creating a knowledge base that will answer all the questions investors might have and bring them the best deals available on the market. It's an exciting time offering limitless opportunities!

Parent company Verv Media is focused on creating bridges across the European markets into a unified media landscape. Working in both B to B and B to C spaces, the company strives to create new online communities and new economic opportunities.